Frequently Asked Questions.

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Q: Is this microblading or eyebrow tattoos. What is the difference?

  1. I do not offer Microblading. Microblading is another form of tattooing the eyebrows. 
  2. What differs microblading from my technique is they way the ink is deposited into the skin. Microblading uses a set of needles (used like a blade) to scratch the surface of the skin, followed by ink getting rubbed into the wound.
  3. With my technique, the ink is gently deposited by puncturing the ink slightly passed the epidermis providing longer lasting results. Because the nature of our oily skin, and depending on the pressure applied by the artist, my tattooing technique may still be semi-permanent.
  4. No, I do not use regular tattoo ink. I use cosmetic grade iron oxide pigment that is FDA approved.
  5. I am using my Cheyenne Pen for my services. (From @Cheyenne_TattoolEquipment) It uses a gentle rotary machine (not the traditional 'coil' tattoo machine) to precisely draw a single needle in and out of the skin. It’s so gentle, that it's quiet and vibrates much less than any other machines. I also use Cheyenne Safety Cartridges (needles). They're made sophisticatedly to provide sterile use, make precise clean lines, and consistent shading. I use the same machine for tattooing.
  6. Healing process is almost exactly the same as microblading however may need fewer touch ups. Eyebrow tattoo aftercare page will be coming soon!


Q: What is your address?
I am located in a private studio in Downtown Long Beach. Address will be provided after booking process. Please follow the links provided when your appointment is confirmed via Square App. 


Q: How much do you charge for eyebrow tattoos?
I charge $700 per session not including touch up. 


Q: How can I set up an appointment?

  • I am currently booking for October - November 2017 only.
    (Maternity leave set for the last week of August to September)
  • Your request may be declined if there are any scheduling conflicts. 
  • Please do not book more than one appointment. Choose 1 day only. (I will decline multiple requests)
  • Please read Client Information once booking process is complete.


Q: Can I set up an appointment months in advance?
No, sorry. Due to uncertainty of my work schedule, and travel dates, I may not be able to make any commitments too far in advance. If you're traveling out the country, we will discuss our options.


(Last updated 10 - 05 - 2017)